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| birth_day  = May 5  
| birth_day  = May 5  
| birth_year  = 1828   
| birth_year  = 1828   
| birth_place =  
| birth_place = Poland
| death_day  = January 25   
| death_day  = January 25   
| death_year  = 1885  
| death_year  = 1885  

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Samuel Bellachini
BornSamuel Berlach
May 5 1828
DiedJanuary 25 1885 (age 56)
Bellachini (1828 - 1885) was born Samuel Berlach in Poland, an officer in the Prussian service, was one of the most popular conjurers in Germany.

In 1846 he took up magic performing mostly in Germany, winning the title of "Court Conjurer." The story goes that during a performance where Kaiser Wilhelm I was in attendance, Bellachini did his "Magic Inkhorn" effect where a pen would only write on his command. He handed the pen and a sheet of paper to the king, with the request that he write something. When asked what to write, he told him "Bellachini is the Court Conjurer".

A feature of his act, producing eggs from his assistant's mouth, is described in Hoffmann's Later Magic.

He also did a side business in magical apparatus, which he sold to amateurs.

Bellachini suffered a stroke in 1882, which weakened his hands, making him unable to execute his best effect. In 1883, he lost his son, whose death was caused by the premature explosion of a pistol. A few years later, he suffered a final stroke that carried him off quickly.