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Sandy Singer

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Sandy Singer
DiedDecember of 2012

Sandy Singer (b. 1931) worked in show business for parts of 7 decades and was also a Magic Castle magician 'Cardiolojest', Ventriloquist, Pilot, and Tournament Bridge Player.


His career started at the age of 12. As a child actor in Chicago, Singer starred on radio network shows like Captain Midnight, Jack Armstrong, Tom Mix, and Little Orphan Annie. On the big screen, Sandy was featured, as himself, in the Warner Brothers film, Jamboree, adding to his feature film career, a cameo role in the original Universal 1970 production of Airport.

A professional musician, Singer debuted in 1949 at WEEK in Peoria, Illinois, as the world's only piano playing disc jockey. While serving for Uncle Sam down south, Singer did a stint from 1952 to '54 at WBBQ in Augusta, Georgia. Upon discharge from the service, Singer went to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. There he worked radio & TV at KCRG. In 1957, He landed a premier position at the legendary WIND in Chicago and held court there for 2 years. In 1958, Singer began a decade-long run of success at WLOL in Minneapolis. By this time, he was well-known for his weekly program on the career of Frank Sinatra. In 1969, Singer found himself in the City by the Bay, working for NBC, San Francisco until 1973. In 1974, Singer returned home to Chicago, and for the next 16 years worked mainly in TV creative production.

In 1990, Sandy decided to go back on the air, when he was offered a featured time slot at KAAM in Dallas.

In 1996, Singer moved to Nashville to DJ at WAPB In addition to his Music City duties, Singer did a one-hour Sinatra tribute program each week via the internet.


The making of a miracle

I was the weather man with WEEK-TV -- it was around noon, when my phone rang. It was my magician buddy, mentalist Bob Schwarz, from South Bend, Indiana--he asked if I wanted to go to lunch. I said, "Fine, Bob, I have a date with some reporters from the Peoria Journal-Star at a Chinese restaurant, and they would love to see your work. Well, Bob did some miracles--then, suddenly, he said, "Sandy is going to do one" and flashed the Jack of Spades at me, which he then forced on one of the reporters. I said, "Rather than my telling you your card, I want you to follow these directions." First, go to the telephone, call 411, and ask for the number of the Wilkins Pipe Company, in Dubuque, Iowa, then call them and ask for Mike Walrath, tell him you are with Sandy Singer, and he is thinking of a card." OK, this guy comes back to our table, shaking his head in amazement. He says, "The guy told me it was the Jack of Spades." Everybody was truly amazed. After lunch Bob said, "I know you don't have 52 friends--how the hell did you do that?" I laughed, and told him, "Mike and I are tournament bridge partners--whenever anything bad happens to us, one of us is holding the Jack of Spades--it has become our nemeses card--I knew Mike would name that card."



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