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Secret Cabaret was a magic-based television program that ran for two series, of six episodes each, on Channel 4 in the UK during the early 1990s.

It was conceived and fronted by British magician Simon Drake and was praised for giving a new and shocking twist to the presentation of illusions. In addition to various magicians the show featured sideshow acts and presentations by experts on fraud and confidence tricks, all interspersed with vintage archive footage of freak shows and daredevil stunts.

It had strong input from Ricky Jay, who made special appearances in each show and was credited as a writer.

Regular guests included James Randi, Geno Munari, Max Maven and David Berglas and reformed fraudster turned security expert Frank Abagnale.

Guests included: Tony Andruzzi,John Gaughan, Jay Marshall, Alan Alan and Tony Andruzzi.


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