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== References ==
== References ==
* Sphinx April 15, 1924
* Sphinx April 15, 1924.
* The Society of Osiris by Mark Walker, Genii February 2000
* The Society of Osiris by Mark Walker, [[Genii 2000 February]].
[[Category:Magic Organizations]]
[[Category:Magic Organizations]]

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The Society of Osiris Magicians formed in March, 1923 and incorporated in Maryland was founded by Thomas Worthington.

It came about after Worthington became disenchanted with the Demons Club of Baltimore for admitting too many non-magicians. The Society created rigid rules to ensure only "magicians" would be accepted. Worthington, good friend, Howard Thurston, even thought the test was too hard.

It's early reports were published in the Sphinx. Al Snyder and Louis V. Lane out of Charleston, West Virginia published the Osirian, for the organization. It only lasted fro 6 issues. Worthington then started the Tablets of Osiris, which he published from 1929 until 1943.

The Society sponsored two junior clubs over the years, the Pyramid Magic Club and the Disciples of Osiris.


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