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Stewart Judah

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Stewart Judah
BornFebruary 16, 1893
Cincinnati, Ohio
DiedJune 11, 1966 (age 73)
Cincinnati, Ohio
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Stewart Judah (b.1893-d.1966) was named one of the "Card Stars" in Hilliard's Greater Magic and featured in Pallbearer's Review.


He was a part-time professional starting in 1920 and contributed effects to many magazines including Jinx, Phoenix, New Phoenix, Talisman and Linking Ring. One of his marketed effects was the "The Keys of Judah".

Along with John Braun's leadership, they formed the Queen City Mystics magic club and applied for a charter from the Society of American Magicians which became Assembly 11 in 1922.


It the Genii Magazine, Vol. 24, No. 4, December 1959 issue, Gene Gordon in his "Without the Shuffle" column declared that Judah's real name was "Joshua Stewart". This was later cleared up by Alvin R. Plough in The New Phoenix (Issue 391, June 1964, The Black Room, page 394) as just a printing error at one of Judah's shows. He assured his readers that the Judah family name is of long generations and honored.

Awards and Honors

Each year, International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 71 holds a yearly picnic combined with the local Society of American Magicians, featuring the John Braun/Stewart Judah contest.



Ryan Swigert's DVD called "A Tribute To The Card Tricks Of Stewart Judah"


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