Tablets of Osiris

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Tablets of Osiris
No. 80, Thurston Memorial
EditorsThos. C. Worthington, Louis E. Shilling and Louis V. Lane
First issueSeptember 1929
Final issueSeptember 1943
Total issues169

Tablets of Osiris was the official Magic Periodical of the Society of Osiris, Inc., edited by Thos. C. Worthington, Louis E. Shilling and Louis V. Lane. It ran from September 1929 to September 1943.

Issues no. 1 through 169.

There were also two "extra" issues. In June of 1936, number 82 1/2 "Special Outing Edition for resident members" four page issue, containing a map and information about an outing to "Heese' Shore", was sent only to the local members of the Society of Osiris. In May of 1940, a special two page addendum to issue number 130, a "Memorial Issue" that was consecutively paginated with the other issues as pages 631-632.[1]


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