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I'd like to do more research on Mr. Lam. I think there is a interesting story here. Anyone else interested? Jpecore 21:01, 26 February 2008 (EST)


Magician Monthly Vol. 32 / Jan 1936 / pg 19

I.B.M. concert on the 2nd of December, 1935. The second half opened with Charles Pearson, followed by Eric Mason, Percy Press, Hugh Mackintosh, Louis Lam and Alice Coty with Herbert Aldridge. Our informant was very pleased with the show which, as usual, threatened to run into the early morning.

World's Fair 1937 / JUNE 12th, 1937 / page 19

Louis Lam, the magic man of Amsterdam, in one of his usual cheery and most interesting letters, tells me he has finished the M.S. of his second book but cannot fix on the title. He had thought of "Wonderful Magic," and suggests I ask our readers to suggest a title and he will make a present of an autographed copy of the work to the one who makes the best suggestion. The address is 39, Pretoriusstraat, Amsterdam-O.

Magician Monthly Vol. 32 / March 1936 / pg 42

The Exposure Conference held at the Transport Hall on the 22nd February, 1936, under the Chairmanship of Fred Montague, M.P. We met many famous people in the World of Magic including Oswald Williams, Robert Harbin, Eric Mason, Shaun McAlister, Ellis Stanyon, Arthur Prince, Fred Culpitt, Cecil Lyle, Douglas Dexter, Fred Brezin, Archie Byford, Louis Lam and Leslie Chard.

Sphinx Vol. 34 / JANUARY, 1936 / pg 313

I.B.M. (British Ring) concert on December 10th, 1935. The programme was closed by Louis Lam with a number of finely presented card tricks.

World's Fair 1936 /JUNE 13th, 1936

Louis Lam is still at Amsterdam and operating an amusement device at a seaside resort there and will not be able to return to London until about September. Louis says he much misses his visits and many pleasant hours at my offices and that my improvement to the "Film Star" mentality effect is wonderful, and further that Larette (a famous Dutch magician) thinks the fantastic block a miracle.

World's Fair 1939 /FEBRUARY 4th / pg 11

I also heard from Louis Lam, the Magic man of Amsterdam, a few days ago. Under his name on his letter heading are the words: " International Variety Exchange," confirming my statement some months ago that he had become an impresario. In addition to sending me some of his latest photographs Louis tells me that he is extremely busy over the Great Levante who opens in Amsterdam on February 16th, and he truly states: "The publicity must be right." Louis also tells me that he could not possibly do without our feature, for it is just like as if he were in England reading all the gossip, reports and news about Magic and magicians. I am told too that Louis Lam has five more books ready for publication but is too busy for the time being to do anything with them, so apparently we shall have to wait and see. With big letter is a report of a show of a Dutch Night of Magic by a magical society there whose title is "Hands Down" and I hope to send same in for publication later, it being of great interest. Louis promises to send me a full report of the Great Levante's opening night and along with him we all trust he plays to capacity and proves most successful in Holland where unfortunately theatrical business and conditions are far from being good at the present time.

Linking Ring Vol. 21 / 1941/ pg 24

Hocus-Pocus Parade By Weill, Ovette & Clever About three years ago my friend Louis Lam of Holland sent me a standard tape measure which is cleverly tricked. He seems to have an uncanny ability for working out such things as this. A number of effects are possible with it but I will mention only one.

Genii Vol. 10 1945/November 1945 /pg 79

Dr. Leo Levi advises me that he has had a letter from Jack Stanley in which he states that Dr. Vilmos Lenard was killed by Hungarian Nazis three days before the Russian troops occupied Budapest. He also says that Louis Lam has disappeared after having been confined to a prison camp in Poland.

Linking Ring Vol. 25 1945 pg 77

British Ringings By Wm. G. Stickland - It was good to read in the June "Linking Ring" that Okito is safe and well, for J. H. Vermeyden of Amsterdam, in an interesting letter, informed me that rumours of his death have circulated in Holland. I was able to give the lie to this as Lewis Davenport informed me of having recently heard from Okito from South America. I was in Okito's home town, The Hague, when Vermeyden wrote me to my home address and it is a pity we could not meet when I was in Holland. He informs me that no news has been received of Louis Lam, the well known magic writer, who was deported by the Nazis at the commencement of the war.

Sphinx Vol. 44/ 1945 / pg 329

Holland Motes By J. H. Vermeyden On the other hand the Dutch magical world had to record a big blow by the passing of two eminent sleight-of-hand artists, who both became victims of the nazi terror, viz. Larette and Louis Lam. ... Louis Lam, promoter and co-founder of the Dutch magical magazine TRIKS was for many years the guiding spirit for the Dutch magicians. ..... The first edition of TRIKS, the magical monthly, appeared in April 1941. In 1943, after an existence of 2 years, this magazine had been forbidden by the Germans, but after the liberation it has re-appeared, although owing to the scarcity of paper in a small volume. Every year a convention of magicians will be held under the auspices of TRIKS. The first meeting took place in September 1941 at the Holland Theatre in Amsterdam and was a tremendous success.

Abracadabra Vol. 01 No. 6 / March 09 1946/ pg 3

Messrs. Davenports have purchased the sole rights of the late Louis Lam's three books—" Would You Believe It? " " Watch Me Closely" and " Be Deceived "

Some related dates from holocaust timeline

  • May 10, 1940 - Nazis invade Holland
  • June 1, 1942 - Jews in France, Holland, Belgium, Croatia, Slovakia, Romania ordered to wear yellow stars.
  • May, 1942 - In occupied Poland, Sobibor extermination camp becomes operational.
  • June 11, 1942 - Eichmann meets with representatives from France, Belgium and Holland to coordinate deportation plans for Jews.
  • July 1st, 1942, the German authorities took control of a camp at Westerbork, Holland. Westerbork became officially a "transit camp" (Durchgangslager Westerbork).
  • July 17, 1942- Himmler visits Auschwitz-Birkenau for two days, inspecting all ongoing construction and expansion, then observes the extermination process from start to finish as two trainloads of Jews arrive from Holland.
  • Oct 14, 1943 - Massive escape from Sobibor as Jews and Soviet POWs break out, with 300 making it safely into nearby woods. Of those 300, fifty will survive.
  • Aug 4, 1944 - Anne Frank and family arrested by Gestapo in Amsterdam.
  • Aug 7, 1944 - Ann Frank and family sent to Westerbork transit camp
  • Sept 3, 1944 - Ann Frank and family deported on what would be one of the last transport from Westerbork to the Auschwitz.