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== References ==
== References ==
* Linking Ring November, 1993: Broken Wand
* [[Linking Ring]] November, 1993: Broken Wand
[[Category:Biographies|Collins, Ted]]
[[Category:Biographies|Collins, Ted]]

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Ted Collins (1919 - August 23, 1993), born Frederick A. Collins, was a magician, magic teacher, and owner of Mecca Magic Shop in Bloomfield, New Jersey.

Collins spoke of becoming hooked on magic after seeing Harry Houdini. Ted started performing while in kindergarten. During WW II, Collins was assigned to an entertainment group where he put together shows to entertain the troops.

He was an inventor of many packet effects and improvements to existing effects

Collins was one of the founding members of Ring 106 of which he was President from 1953-1954. He was a founding member of the Magic Dealers Association and in 1966 Collins was President of the Magician's Alliance of Eastern States. He also ran the Mecca Magic Club for 20 years. One member of this club has gone on to have a little bit of fame, David Copperfield.

Collins was also one of the first trustees of the Jim Gerrish's Wiz Kids, Inc., an organization of inner-city school students.


  • "The Panama Rope Trick" described in the Tarbell Course of Magic


  • Wax Fax


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