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Tenkai (1889-1972) was born Teijiro Ishida in Japan. Tenkai's wife and partner Iwa Kato which performed under the name Okinu.


Cover of Genii 1958 March
BornTeijiro Ishida
December 1, 1889
Nagoya, Japan
DiedJune 6, 1972 (age 82)
Nagoya, Japan

Tenkai lived for some time in Chicago.

Tenkai, a resident of Los Angeles at the time, was performing in Honolulu when Japan bombed pearl harbor during World War II. He was not permitted to leave Hawaii.

In the 1958, he moved back to Japan.


Received a special Fellowship from the Academy of Magical Arts in 1971.

Publications, Books

  • Six Tricks by Tenkai (1958), by Robert Parrsih
  • The Card Manipulation of Tenkai (1968), Takagi S. Tenkai
  • Tenkai’s Manipulative Card Routine (1968)
  • The Thoughts of Tenkai, written by Masatoshi Furota, translated into English by Hiroki Fukushima (1971)
  • The Magic of Tenkai (1974) by Gerald Kosky and Arnold Furst
  • Album Tenkai and Okinu Ishida (um 1982)


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