The Experience of Magic

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The Experience of Magic
AuthorEugene Burger
PublisherKaufman and Greenberg
IllustratorRichard Kaufman
Publication Date1989


  • 9 Unfinished Pictures. Essay.
  • 11 In the Beginning. Essay: Question: What is the experience of magic?
  • 13 The Negative Way. Essay.
  • 15 Framing. Putting frames around magic effects.
  • 18 A Magic Secret. Effect that is a frame for a color change.
  • 25 Photographs from Memory. Reminisces about magic, and some thoughts about magic drawn from them.
  • 33 The World's Fastest Card Trick. Another example frame around a color change.
  • 40 A Midnight Talk. Essay on bizarre magick.
  • 45 The Tyranny of the New. Advice on learning new magic.
  • 49 The Corner in the Glass (Again). Card trick with interesting revelation, and great thinking.
  • 56 The Way of the Cat. Essay. What can we learn from cats?
  • 60 A Card Stab Routine. Spectator stabs card.
  • 68 Collapsible Canes and Self-Deception. Essay.
  • 72 The Magic Crystal
  • 76 The Devolution of the Magic Shop. Essay.
  • 81 The Two Magics. Essay with history, religion, and more.
  • 91 The Inquisition. A fabulous and unique presentation of Card Warp
  • 102 Weaving a Spell. Essay. Comedy and Miracles.
  • 107 Cosmic Thread. A fabulous and unique presentation of the classic torn and restored thread.
  • 111 A Bizarre Ritual. "Bizarre" effect with tarot cards.
  • 118 The Sense of Mystery in a Japanese Garden. Essay.
  • 124 The Devil's Deck. Personalized and strong version of Brainwave/Ultra Mental Deck.
  • 130 Why I Write. Essay.
  • 135 Experiences of Magic. Essay.

Reviewed in Genii 1990 February

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