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The Ghost was a periodical for Spook shows published monthly from May, 1936 through February, 1937 by "Dr. Edward McGlynn" (Frank Yasah).

Each 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 issue had eight pages containing an Editor's Page, three columns titled "The Crystal Reveals", "The Ghost Talks" and "The Talking Skull", and two pages of advertisements.

The ten issues which make up a complete file had neither volume nor number, but only a date on the front cover.

It published by Frank Yasah under a pseudonym in conjunction with Cliff West, former assistant for several famous magicians such as Blackstone and Thurston. Yasah could not use his real name because of a deal he had with the Radiolite Co. not to put out any mental books or magazines after selling a business out to them. [1]

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