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*Bodies in Orbit
* [[Super Magical Secrets]] (1928)
*Fifteen Great Illusions
* [[Illusion Secrets - Fifteen Great Illusions]] (1934)
*Six Modern Levitations
* [[Six Modern Levitations]] (1943)
* Fabulous Feats of Mental Magic by Don Tanner
* [[Grant's Fabulous Feats of Mental Magic]] by [[Don Tanner]] (1954)
* [[Bodies in Orbit]] (1963)

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U.F. Grant (January 12, 1901- March 1, 1978) born Ulysses Frederick Grant in Millerton, New York. Also known as "Gen", he was a magic dealer and inventor. Grant started in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, where he created his first tricks. Later he moved to New York City joining the Abbott Magic Company, eventually settled in Columbus, Ohio creating his own firm.

In 1944, he partnered with R.N. Menge creating a line of products known as "Grant and Menge" or "G. & M.". The partnership only lasted a year and they ended up becoming rivals.

He created a long line of pamphlet-type magic booklets, which were often affectionately joked about by magicians for there brevity. Don Tanner wrote directions for and illustrated many of the items marketed by the Grant company.

Grant was a member of the IBM, SAM, the Order of Merlin, and the Columbus Magic Club Ring 7.


  • Temple Screen
  • Cow Trick
  • Chink Cans


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