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Vanishing Birdcage

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Vanishing Birdcage, also known as the flying birdcage, is a classic effect where a birdcage, containing a small bird, being held between the magicians hand instantly disappears.

The cage is typically about six inches tall by six inches wide by eight inches long, and made of wire on all six sides. Often there is a bird inside the cage. The magician will display the cage, then without covering the cage, the cage (and anything inside) vanishes from sight.

Invented by magician Buatier de Kolta, who premiered it at the Egyptian Hall on May 1, 1875 as "The Flight of the Cage of Canaries". He sold a cage to Harry Kellar, reportedly for a large sum, who premiered in San Francisco on May 15, 1876.

Other performers known for their version:


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