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Victor Farelli (December 22, 1888 - May 12, 1955) was born in Dublin, Ireland and performed under the name of Victor Michael Farrelly. He was a student of David Devant and became an expert card & and close-up magician.

Victor Farelli

Sphinx July 1935
BornDecember 22, 1888
Dublin, Ireland
DiedMay 12, 1955 (age 66)
London, England

Because of a peculiar superstition he would not allow a photograph of himself to be published in any of his books other then his hands for illustrating the text. A picture of him was published as part of the "Who's Who in Magic" series in the July 1935 issue of Sphinx.

He was proficient speaking and writing in many languages include English, French, German and Spanish. Farelli was the French and Belgian correspondent to The Sphinx and a contributor to The Magic Wand.

He has been give credit by some for inventing the close-up case.

Marketed Tricks

  • Can You Tell Fortunes? (1949)


  • Triple Card Miracle ???
  • Farelli’s Triple Reverse ???
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