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== Books ==
== Books ==
* Walter Janes, Illusioneer by Peter Warlock
* [[Walter Jeans, Illusioneer]] by [[Peter Warlock]] (1986)
[[Category:Biographies|Jeans, Walter]]

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Walter Cerretta Jeans (1877 - September 21, 1942) was born Walter Janes in Birmingham, England. He achieved success as a magic inventor.

In 1913 Jeans developed the "Mirror Tunnel" principle which was turned in to "The Silver Hat" illusion. In 1915, he created another version called "The Crucible" and took out patents. It was then revived and presented by Selbit as "The Million Dollar Mystery", which was later sold to Maskelyne's under the name of "The Uncanny Woman". In 1928, Howard Thurston purchased the American rights. Jeans is often credited with creating the color changing knife routine.

Houdini once told Jeans that he was "the greatest unknown man I have ever met."

Will Goldston devoted an entire chapter to Jeans in his "Locked Book of Magic".


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