Warren E. Simms

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William (Warren) Edward Simms (April 25th, 1889 - January 22, 1976), born in New York City, was a professional magician, ventriloquist and novelty entertainer who at one time billed himself as "the White House magician" when Eleanor Roosevelt once mentioned him as her favorite magician.

Starting out first as engineer for the Machine Appliance Corporation of Brooklyn, with magic on the side, he also wrote technical articles for various journals under the pen name of Sheldon Simms.

Simms eventually became a full time professional and manufacturer of magic apparatus. He did six shows for President Franklin D. Roosevelt, also for the President's mother. He was well acquainted with Houdini, Thurston and Harry Kellar.

Very active in the magic societies, he was President of the Society of American Magicians (1944-45) and of the Magician's Guild (1946), which he was a founding member.

Simms contributed effects to New Conjurers' Magazine, of which he became a Technical Editor.


  • Magician of the Month, MUM December, 1952
  • Obit MUM April 1976
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