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== Books ==
== Books ==
* [[Trix and Chatter]] (l921)  
* [[Trix and Chatter]] (l921)  
* Dorny's Comedy Blackouts (1962)  
* Dorny on Trix (1954)
* Dorny's Comedy Blackouts (1962)

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Werner F. Dornfield (October 7, 1892 - September 5, 1982), known as "Dorny", was a National President and then Dean of the Society of American Magicians.

As a soldier in World War I, he became a member of the variety show. Dorny became involved with the I.B.M. and was given Number 4, though he claimed to be the first official member since the others were all officers.

He was a close friend of Houdini and Thurston. Howard Thurston had asked him to head his No.2 show, but he chose to be a magical MC for a lot less money and a lot fewer headaches.

The Chicago SAM Assembly #3, which he was a founder member, was named in his honor. He was also a member of the Magic Circle, the Dean of the Mazda Mystic Ring and the Wizards' Club in Chicago.

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