Will Lindhorst

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Will Lindhorst
BornWilliam Louis Lindhorst
April 22, 1890
DiedMarch 7, 1954 (age 63)
St. Louis, Missouri
Known forOwner of Lindhorst Magic Shop

Will Lindhorst (1890 - 1954) performed as "Chandu" and was the owner of magic shops in St. Louis starting 1925. [1] [2] [3] [4]

Lindhorst worked for Howard Thurston as an assistant from 1910-1912.

He was a charter of Assembly No 8 of the S.A.M. in 1921.

In 1931, Lindhorst began appearing as Chandu the Magician on behalf of White King Soap.

In 1944 he opened the Lindhorst Magic Den in St. Louis at 612 Pine Street and was later moved across the street. After Will Lindhorst's death, the magic shop was purchased by Gene Devoe and operated as Devoe's magic Den at that same location until the building was torn down.

His cousin Charles W. Lindhorst, who was an understudy for Thurston and built built props for his shop.[5]


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