William Benjamin

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William Benjamin

Cover of Sphinx Sept. 1912
BornWilliam Benjamin Caulk

William Benjamin, lived in Terre Haute, Indiana was a magician and taxidermist.[1]

He was an inventor of numerous tricks and illusions and earned reputation in the West and Southwest as a magician of skill.[2] Caulk was featured in the show "Robertson's Hindoo Illusions" in 1899 and 1900. He served as a member of the advisory council of the ornithological congress at the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago.[3]

Linking Ring (Vol 4, No. 1) listed him on the IBM membership list for 1926 as member number 201 and in the August 1934 issue it reported that Wm. B. Caulk, of Terre Haute, Indiana, received five hundred dollars for his effects in Wm. E. Robinson's "Slate Writing and Kindred Arts."

He contributed numerous articles to Albert Hopkins' book "Magic: Stage Illusions, Special Effects and Trick Photography".


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