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February 2007 • Volume 70 • Number 2

56 Reed McClintock: A Painfully Illustrated Life by Paul Critelli
64 Peño Envy by Reed McClintock
67 Time is Big Money by Reed McClintock
71 Hell Cards by Reed McClintock
74 Miser’s Dream by Reed McClintock
19 The Magician’s Ltd Cookbook by Jack Parker
20 Memorial: John McKinven, 1920-2006 by Jim Steinmeyer
22 A Look at Steve Forte’s Poker Protection:
    Cheating ... and the World of Poker by Jim Swain
32 Luna Shemada: Slightly Unmasked by Paul Critelli
46 Kellar on Kellar by Jim Steinmeyer

10 Genii Speaks by Richard Kaufman
12 On the Slant by Jon Racherbaumer
15 Max Maven’s Monthly Inquisition
16 Osborne Illusions: Magic on the Midway by Paul Osborne

Light From the Lamp
86 Books Reviewed by Mike Close
86 Hauntiques: The Bizarre Magic of Christian Chelman
    by Christian Chelman
87 Semi-Automatic Card Tricks Volumes 6 and 7 by Steve Beam
88 Sleightly Magical by Dan and Dave Buck
89 A Modern Trade Show Handbook by Seth Kramer
89 How to Handle Hecklers by Keith Fields
90 The Long and the Short of It by Mark Lewis
90 The World-Famous Bowl Routine by Lance Pierce
91 Videos Reviewed by Joe M. Turner
91 Prohibition by Charlie Justice
91 The Tapestry of Deception:
    A Lecture By Michael Vincent
    The Tapestry of Deception, Part 2: The Power of Assumptions
    by Michael Vincent
92 Easy Card Magic by Will Roya
92 The World’s Greatest Magic by the World’s Greatest Magicians:
    The Secrets of Metal Bending; The Secrets of Scotch & Soda,
    Dime & Penny, C hinatown Half; The Secrets of Ring on Rope
    by Various Artists
93 Extreme Card Magic; Volumes 1 and 2 by Joe Rindfleisch
93 Trickery by David Forrest
94 Tricks Reviewed by David Regal
94 “Blindsight” by Devin Knight
94 “Psi-Kalc” by Banachek & Gene Protas
95 “Ghost Spoon” by Kikuchi Magic
95 “TelePad” by Russ DeSimone & Ed Bedrick
95 “Heartless” by Simon Lovell
95 “Chaos 2” by Mark Elsdon
96 “Dual Cyclone” by Paul Knight
96 “Khameleon Deck” by Kenton Knepper
96 “Mythos” by Diamond Jim Tyler
97 “Corradin’s Box” by Anton Corradin
97 “Ring Case” by Joker Magic
97 “Production Deck” by Joker Magic
98 “KAOS” and ”Indecent” by Daniel Garcia and Wayne Houchin
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