As we move Genii’s digital services to a new provider, we may experience some hiccups along the way.  Use this page as a way to get help or let us know of any problems you may be experiencing.

Before filling out the form below, here are a few helpful tips:

  • Lost password? 
    Reset here
  • Can’t recall your username / email address on file? 
    Contact our office
  • Logging into Genii uses your “iGenii” account, not your Genii Forum account.
    At this moment, the Genii Forum is separate from other Genii services, so double check you’re not trying to login with ino from the Forum.
  • There’s still some bugs in our Digital Issues.
    We’re aware that some bugs exist there, especially that some of our archives are missing.  Rest assured, we are working as fast as we can to fix.  Use the form below only if you are not able to log in.


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