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I’m Already A Subscriber: How Do I Activate My Account?

You will need the email address Genii has on file for your subscription, and your Activation Key. First, locate your Activation Key. You need the polybag or envelope in which your magazine is shipped. Your Activation Key is the number printed just above your name. If you have misplaced your number or thrown away your polybag/envelope, contact the Genii office for your activation key at 301-652-5800 or

Your Activation Key is the number directly above your name and address. This is your temporary password.


Go to the Genii Subscriber Log in page:

Enter your email address. This must be the same email address on-file with your subscription. (If you can’t remember, or need to update this, contact Genii).

Enter your Activation Number as your password. You will be logged in.  We recommend resetting your password immediately. 

Why Should I Subscribe to Genii?

More people buy Genii than any other magic magazine, and there’s a reason. If you’re interested in magic, Genii is your connection to both the printed and digital world of prestidigitation. The most famous people in magic write for Genii. The most indepth feature articles, reviews, and the best tricks appear in Genii. And we give you the digital version and all 82 years of our back issues online for free—no other independent magazine does that.

How do I Choose Between Paper and Digital?

The simple answer is that you don’t have to if you don’t want to. All paper subscriptions to Genii come with all of our digital services absolutely free: free digital magazine every month with audio and video embedded (a real digital magazine). If you like paper, get the Paper/Digital Combo. If you don’t need a paper issue, subscriber at a much lower rate and receive only the digital issue plus access to all 60,000+ pages of back issues.

Is Genii Appropriate for All Ages?

Absolutely. You won’t see anything in Genii you wouldn’t see in a PG-rated movie.

How Do I Change My Mailing Address?

Log in to your account and go to “Your Account Info and Subscriptions.” On the right-side, you can manage and edit your address.

Does Genii Offer Refunds?

No. Like all magic, once the secret is sold you can’t return it.

How Do I Get Help with My Subscription or Online Services?

Simple: call the Genii office at 301-652-5800 and Donna will be able to assist you. Or email