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1-0-1 Deck

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The 1-0-1 Deck is a Forcing Deck which allows an easy force one of four different cards.

The "1-0-1" name comes from a simple description of the deck: One force card, one null, one force card..."


In Mind Warp (1999) under Prediction Plus Deck, Richard Mark says, "The origin of the 1-0-1 deck is not clear. It is most commonly known as the Koran deck, after Al Koran, and is described in Al Koran's Legacy written by Hugh Miller (1972). It is also associated with Harry Stanley and Richard Himber."

Edward Bagshawe used a 1-0-1 type stack in "Sealed Mystery" from Twenty Magical Novelties (1930, p. 26).[1]

Another version is in 12 Tricks with a Borrowed Deck by Martin Gardner (1940).

Decks containing banks of duplicates are discussed in European texts in the mid-19th century, and probably go back much further. There is a conceptual relationship to Burling Hull's Mene-Tekel Deck (1910).[2]



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