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A Real Miracle

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A Real Miracle
EditorsBurton Sperber
First issueJanuary 1993
Final issue2003
Total issues16

A Real Miracle Magic Info Mini Mag was a series by Burton Sperber on various subjects about collecting.

The first issue was included in Fred Evans' quarterly Collector's Forum. It contained a photo of a Mildred and Rouclere mirror card and a want list of magic periodicals. He stated that he had been searching for most of the listed magic periodicals for more than ten years, and that he considered locating one "a real miracle."

Subsequent issues followed as inserts, with want lists for tokens, catalogs, antiquarian books, wee books, as well as information on various collecting topics.

The cover price was always listed as free using various synonyms ("zip," "nada" "zilch," "gratis,", "priceless," "aught", etc.).


  • Issue No. 1 and maybe only, Mildred and Rouclere mirror card, January 1993
  • Issue No. 2, Herrmann mirror card, April 1993
  • Issue No. 3, Houdini mirror card, July 1993
  • Issue No. 4, Adelaide Herrmann mirror card, October 1993
  • Issue No. 5A - a full size again, Wee Books II, April 1994
  • Issue No. 6, Cremer, July 1994
  • Issue No. 7, Conjuring Tricks Catalog, October 1994
  • Issue No. 8, Sphinx Medal, January 1995
  • Issue No. 9, Conjuror by Lambert, April 1995
  • Issue No. 10, Crambrook's Catalog, July 1995
  • Issue No. 11, Tokens, October 1995
  • Issue No 12 & last, Cartophily, 1995

Special Editions

There were also "Special Editions" booklets which were priced to recover costs and printed in limited numbers:

  • Aldine, Special Edition, 1994
  • Erdnase, Special Edition, 1994
  • The Two Novras, Special Issue, 1995
  • Recollections of Robert-Hodin, 2000
  • Automata Old and New, 2000
  • London Conjuror, Special Edition, 2001
  • Pocket Mirror, Special Edition, November 2003
  • Duke-Tricks with Cards, Extra Issue, 2009