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Ali Cook

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Ali Cook (also credited as Alistair Cook) is an English magician and actor originating from Yorkshire.

Cook is known best for writing and starring in seven British television magic shows for Channel 4, Channel 5, and Sky1, produced by Objective Productions. He began as a sketch actor on Jerry Sadowitz's television sketch show Jerry@Trick Show before moving on to perform as lead magician and writer in comedy magic shows, including Monkey Magic, Psychic Secrets Revealed, Greatest Magic Tricks in the Universe...Ever, Secret World of Magic , and Dirty Tricks.

Television shows

Monkey Magic

Monkey Magic played for two seasons of seven half-hour shows and a Christmas special on the Channel 5 network in the UK, commissioned by Andrew Newman. The show featured four musicians and attracted a younger audience. It was nominated for the Golden Rose D’Or comedy award.[1]

Dirty Tricks

A six-part series for Channel 4, Dirty Tricks was described as "magic meets Natural Born Killers". Hosted by Barry and Stuart, the show had regular spots from Cook and the Monkey Magic boys Pete Firman and Jonathan’s Escapes. There were also appearances from international variety acts and celebrities, including Penn and Teller and Kevin James. It was nominated for a Rose D’Or Comedy award in Montreaux.

Psychic Secrets Revealed

Psychic Secrets Revealed was a one-hour special and six half-hour episodes on the Five network.

Cook demonstrated a range of psychic feats such as bending keys, walking on fire, contacting the dead, spirit guides, and clairvoyancy. Psychological illusionist Derren Brown and psychologist Dr. Richard Wiseman then explained how these feats could be being more psychological than paranormal.

Greatest Magic Tricks in the Universe Ever

Greatest Magic Tricks in the Universe Ever was a series of six one-hour episodes on the Channel Five network.

Cook and his Monkey Magic co-stars hosted this series, which included tricks such as Horace Goldin's sawing a woman in half and David Copperfield's vanishing the Statue of Liberty.

Secret World of Magic

Secret World of Magic was a series of one-hour episodes on the Sky One network. Cook travelled the world with Pete Firman, interviewing notable magicians while performing on the streets of Paris, Madrid, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Bueno Aires. The series included performances from Mac King, Juan Tamariz, and Max Maven.

Short films

Cook has played the lead role in ten British short film dramas, most notably the psychotic character Greg in Andrew Saunder's and Stephen Frear's Striklem. His own project, The Enchanter: The Crime Fighting Magician, a spoof of 1970s detective series, was directed by Adrian Vitoria.


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