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Difference between revisions of "Amazing Miracles of Shigeo Takagi"

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====Table of Contents====
*Devilishly Direct  
*Devilishly Direct  
*Takagi's Coins Across  
*Takagi's Coins Across  

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Table of Contents

  • Devilishly Direct
  • Takagi's Coins Across
  • Wild Time
  • The Wild Blanks
  • The Solid Cup
  • Trans-Purse-Sition
  • Trans-Purse-Tation
  • The Ghostly Silk
  • Who Cuts First?
  • ScissoRope
  • The Leaping Silk
  • Total Triumph
  • Rising Triumph
  • Color-Shift Triumph
  • The Oriental Coins
  • The Double Thought
  • Convergence
  • Rope, Knots and a Wand
  • Double Cut and Restored Rope
  • Monte With Four
  • Do As I Do Rope Routine
  • Chinese Rubber Band Mystery
  • A Beautiful Thumb Tie
  • Owan To Tama (Japanese Cups And Balls)
  • New Era Linking Rings