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Anna Eva Fay

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Anna Eva Fay

Cover of Genii (2005)
BornAnn Eliza Heathman
February 3, 1851
Southington, Ohio, USA
DiedMay 12, 1927 (age 76)
Melrose Highlands, Massachusetts
Resting placeWyoming Cemetery, Melrose, Massachusetts

Anna Eva Fay Pingree (1851-1927), born Ann Eliza Heathman in Southington, Ohio, was a Spiritualist popular in vaudeville during the late 1800s, where she billed herself as "The Indescribable Phenomenon".


Between 1870 and 1874 the eminent scientist William Crookes conducted a series of controversial experiments with some of the most remarkable mediums of the age, including Fay whom baffled him.[1]

Washington Irving Bishop, who had worked with her as an assistant and manager, exposed her methods to a newspaper. She was also investigated by Harry Houdini, to whom she eventually admitted many of her tricks, after her retirement. [2] Fay and Houdini would become good friends and he even visited her at her home in Melrose, Massachusetts.[3]

The Magic Circle made her an honorary member, designating her an Honorary Lady Associate, since women at that time were not eligible to be a members.

Her magic tokens are very sought after and listed in Kuethe.

Her son, John Truesdale Fay (1877-?) also had an act with his wife billing themselves as "The Fays."[4]


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