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Boy's Own Book

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Boy's Own Book
AuthorWilliam Clarke
Publication Date1829
Boy's Own Book:: a complete encyclopedia of all the diversions, athletic, scientific, and recreative, of boyhood and youth was published anonymously by William Clarke.

Along with sports, games, advice and other activities available to Victorian boys in New England, it contained section on conjuring and tricks with numbers, chemistry and cards.

The first edition was 316 pages, illustrated with engravings.

A similar book was published during this time was "Boy's Own Treasury of Sports, Pastimes and Recreations".

Table of Contents

  • Page 390: Forcing
  • Page 390: To Tell a Card Thought Of Blindfold (21 Card Trick)
  • Page 391: The Shuffled Seven
  • Page 391: The Piquet Card
  • Page 391: The Double Dozen
  • Page 392: The Noted Card Named
  • Page 392: Gathering of the Clans
  • Page 393: The Magic Twelve
  • Page 393: To Turn a Card into a Bird
  • Page 393: To Make a Card Jump Out of the Pack
  • Page 394: The Confederate Water-Drop
  • Page 394: The Four Accomplices
  • Page 394: The Nerve Trick
  • Page 395: The Chosen Card Revealed by a Pinch of Snuff
  • Page 395: The Drawn Card Nailed to the Wall
  • Page 395: Ups and Downs
  • Page 395: The Card under the Hat
  • Page 396: The Turn-Over (Air-Pressure Turnover)
  • Page 396: The Regal Alliance
  • Page 396: The Odd Score
  • Page 396: The Card in the Egg
  • Page 397: The Painted Pack
  • Page 397; To Convey a Card into a Cherry-Stone
  • Page 398: The Mouse in the Pack
  • Page 398: The Card in the Mirror
  • Page 399: The Marching Card
  • Page 399: The Buried Heart
  • Page 399: Confederate Signals
  • Page 400: The Card in the Pocket-Book (Card to Wallet)


There were many many editions of this book published. Some samples:

  • First American Edition (Boston, 1829)
  • Fourth Edition (London, 1829)
  • Second American edition (Boston, 1831)
  • Fifth Edition, revised (Boston, 1851)
  • Illustrated edition (Louisville, 1854)
  • Extended edition (New York, 1857)

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