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Bra Trick

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The Bra Trick, also known as "The Baffling Bra" or the "Brassiere Trick", is an comedy effect often credited to Howard Brooks, based on the Twentieth Century Silk effect.

In the effect, the magician ties two silks together and asks a female spectator to place them down into the top of her blouse. He then makes a silk disappear and states that it will reappear between the two tied silks. With a flourish he pulls the silks out and displays them, but tied between them is a bra.

Many versions have been advertised over the years using a variety of silks, ropes and paper.


U.F. Grant began marketing the Bra Trick in 1943. In the August 1944 issue of Genii, the "Genii Speak" column says: "The GENII award for the best comedy trick of the year goes to U. F. Grant for The Climax Egg Bag. Really, Grant deserves this recognition on two counts, the second being the Brassiere Trick"

Later, in the April 1945 "Genii Speaks", Larsen says: "Eddie and Nadyne Cochran (whose company we enjoyed while they took a short rest in L. A. between U.S.O. tours) ..... Eddie, incidentally, is the first magician I ever saw do the brassiere trick. I believe he is the inventor."

Then in July 1945, "Genii Speaks" says: "Eddie may file suit on the brassiere trick, which he registered with Billboard many years ago."