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Brain Games

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Brain Games is a television series that aims to discuss and explore the components of the human brain that contribute to such things as perception, memory, and general cognition. The show itself is interactive, with viewers being encouraged to actively participate in experiments, or "brain games", that emphasize the main points presented in each episode. The series debuted on the National Geographic Channel in 2011.[1][2]


  • Apollo Robbins
  • Jason Silva
  • Shara Ashley Zeiger
  • Bill Hobbs
  • Renes Rivera
  • Jerry Della Salla


  • Season 1
    • S1 Ep1: Watch this!
    • S1 Ep2: Pay Attention!
    • S1 Ep3: Remember This!
  • Season 2
    • S2 Ep1: Focus Pocus
    • S2 Ep2: It's About Time
    • S2 Ep3: Motion Commotion
    • S2 Ep4: Don't Be Afraid
    • S2 Ep5: Power of Persuasion
    • S2 Ep6: What You Don't Know
    • S2 Ep7: Battle of the Sexes
    • S2 Ep8: Use It or Lose It
    • S2 Ep9: Illusion Confusion
    • S2 Ep10: Liar, Liar
    • S2 Ep11: Seeing Is Believing


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