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Brotherhood of Magicians

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For the magazine, see Brotherhood of Magicians (magazine)
For the organization that started in 1922, see International Brotherhood of Magicians

Brotherhood of Magicians was founded by George E. Closson of Troy, New York in 1906 (most likely to promote his magic business). It was said to have several branches throughout the country.

It's official emblem contained the letters, "B. of M." in gold along with a spade, a diamond, a heart and a club, with a grinning, hollow-eyed skull in the center. Brotherhood Secrets, published monthly, was the official organ of the Brotherhood.

In 1918, the reins of the Brotherhood went over to "Mystic," G. E. Heath of Carroll, Iowa. The official organ was also replaced by The Magic Key at that time. It appears to not have lasted for much long afterward.

Charles J. Hagen, editor of American Magician, was the Master Representative for New York City.[1] Members in New York City formed Local No. 2, B. of M. beginning on February 19, 1911. First appeared to be thriving remarkably well, it ceased to exit in February of 1912.[2]


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