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Camelard college

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The Camelard College of Conjuring of Chemmis

Camelard College is a magician's Honor Society that functions as an educational institution. The Camelard College is in part a fictitious magic school, but the College also has an actual faculty of magicians that includes officers in magical organizations, professional magicians, dedicated magic hobbyists, and young magicians (under 18) who are learning The Art and who constitute the student body.

Camelard College Faculty and students can be found throughout the world. Included among the Faculty are Jeff McBride, Just Alan, Bev Bergeron, John Calvert, Tammy Calvert, James Canaday, Rick Carruth, Mandy Davis, Paul Green, Bill Pitts, Ruth Pitts, Bob Sammons, Maria Ibenez, Ed Hurtubis, and many, many other accomplished and distinguished magicians and magical historians, writers, and collectors.

See also Camelard.

The Myth

In its mythology, Camelard College is affiliated with the Avalon Institute of Magic in Albion and with the original Bogmere School of Wizardry of Wales (near Stonehenge, Bogmere has been made famous under another name in a series of popular novels about a young magician with a peculiar mark on his forehead). Camelard College is located in Chemmis, Egypt.

Also, all Camelard College faculty members are personal friends of Camelard Professors Merlin, Gandalf, and Dumbledore, as well as select famous and friendly wizards who live in the many magical lands of delight, including the land of Chemmis where Camelard is established. Camelard College Faculty can be referenced as a presentational device, especially during shows for youngsters who may already have read about famous schools of magic and wizardry. Faculty Members of Camelard College have the privilege of using all or part of the Magic Maxim of the College to perform their wonders: Em Conspiciendus Miraculum!

The Mundane

In the mundane world (the doorway to the World of Magical Delight), Camelard College has specific goals for its Faculty and Student Body:

  • CCCC enriches the magical persona of its members by granting lifetime titled positions on its Faculty and by granting the right to use its Magical Maxim in the public performance of conjuring. Thus, Faculty members may, in their magical persona, introduce themselves (or be introduced as) Professor Name and may speak all or part of the Magic Maxim in performing magic. Magicians under 18 are granted the title of Fellow.
  • CCCC is an honor society that honors magicians who are dedicated to the Art of Performance Magic. The several ranks from Fellow to Trustee constitute the honors conferred.
  • CCCC encourages those of its Faculty who are so inclined to teach magic to the worthy interested (see Faculty Handbook information, below). The Professor, as Sage, hands on the precious Magical Tradition as a vital part of the life of the conjurer.
  • CCCC offers a free service of email redirection which shows affiliation with the College. Thus, Faculty and Students may use .

The Faculty Handbook and College Supply Store

While the Institution is fictitious, its members are not. All Camelard College Faculty are encouraged, as their time and ability permit, to take their honored role as Sage and teach the Art of Magic, as, for example, through local libraries and community colleges. To that end, our teaching Faculty may order the official Faculty Handbook, The Complete Guide to Teaching Magic, 2nd edition written by CCCC Full Professor Alfred Albers. The book contains guidance and tips to teaching magic courses through the local library or community college. Included are sample syllabi.

The College Supply Store carries items for Faculty and Fellows who wish to show their affiliation with Camelard.

Camelard College Honors

Magicians may apply for (are appointed to) the following faculty positions at Camelard based on years of service to the Art:

  • Fellow - a young magician (under 18) may apply for membership in the student body of CCCC and receive the title of "Fellow of the Camelard College."
  • Assistant Instructor of Conjuring - appointment made at the end of the first year of magical dedication, practice, and performance;
  • Associate Instructor of Conjuring - appointment made at the completion of the second year of magical dedication practice, and performance;
  • Full Instructor of Conjuring - appointment made at the completion of the third year of magical dedication practice, and performance;
  • Assistant Professor of Conjuring - appointment made at the completion of the fourth year of magical dedication practice, and performance;
  • Associate Professor of Conjuring - appointment made at the completion of the sixth year of magical dedication practice, and performance;
  • Full Professor of Conjuring - appointment made at the completion of the tenth year of magical dedication practice, and performance;
  • Senior Full Professor of Conjuring - appointment made by vote of the CCCC Faculty at the completion of the fifteenth year of magical dedication, practice, and performance. Additionally, the Senior Full Professor is one who has made significant contributions to the Art of Magic, especially in the areas of wide promotion of the Magical Art or magical education (as, for example, serving as regional and/or national officers in S.A.M., I.B.M., or similar national magical organizations; or, books and articles published in M.U.M., The Linking Ring, Genii, or Magic or continued teaching of magic in public and private schools). The Senior Full Professor of Conjuring, a most distinguished title, is selected from those in the rank of Full Professor. A ballot is sent to the Faculty in December of each year, and the resulting appointments are announced in January of each year. Only two appointments are made annually.

A Camelard College appointment comes with a Letter of Appointment from the Chancellor and a Diploma of Rank and Title in the College.

Camelard's Highest Honor


To be a Trustee is to hold the highest title at Camelard. The Faculty of the College names one Trustee annually, selected from the list of Senior Full Professors. The ballots are sent in December, and the Trustee for the year is announced in January. The Trustee receives a Brevet of Appointment and a large Warrant of Trusteeship, both suitable for framing. To be named as a Trustee of Camelard is a distinct honor and cannot be applied for. Current Trustees include Past SAM President Maria Ibenez and internationally acclaimed magician and magical instructor Jeff McBride.