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Card Magic Classification

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Card Magic Classification has been attempted by numerous magicians to organize and classify the types of magic you can do with palying cards.

Roberto Giobbi, in his Genii Magazine column The Genii Session, published a list of basic card magic effects in the July 2006 issue. In the September and November 2006 issues, Giobbi also published a 2-part list classifying the great themes, effects and tricks in card magic, based on a previous list by Juan Tamariz. The purpose of this list was to clarify the terminology used when discussing card routines.

Denis Behr's created an online Searchable Magic Book database of the magic books he owns and created his list of "themes" for card effects.

Giobbi's Basic Effects of Card Magic

Robert Giobbi's card magic occurence classification is:

  • Animations
  • Coincidences
  • Discoveries
  • Distant Magic (tricks done over the phone, radio, TV, internet, etc.)
  • Divination, Mental
  • Divination, by Super-Powers
  • Flourishes
  • Gags with Cards
  • Gatherings
  • Hypnosis & Hallucinations
  • Intelligent Deck
  • Magnetism and Equilibrium
  • Mathe-Magical Curiosities
  • Multiplications
  • Penetration, Solid Through Solid
  • Predictions
  • Productions
  • Spelling
  • Stories with Cards
  • Superpowers
  • Topological
  • Torn and Restored
  • Transformation
  • Transposition
  • Traveling cards
  • Turnovers
  • Vanishes

Great Themes, Effects and Tricks in Card Magic

Robert Giobbi's thematic card magic occurrence classification is:

Denis Behr's Card Themes

  • Animation
  • Appearance
  • Chaos & Order
  • Coincidence
  • Divination
  • Do as I Do
  • Four of a kind Effects
  • Gags & Curiousities
  • Gambling
  • Growing & Shrinking
  • Illogical Things
  • Location
  • Mates
  • Mind Reading
  • Number Effects
  • Penetration
  • Phone Effects
  • Prediction
  • Red Black
  • Rubberband & Cards
  • Sandwich & Co
  • Signature Effects
  • Skill Demonstration
  • Spelling & Lie Detector Effects
  • Super-Senses
  • Sympathetic Effects
  • Think of a Card
  • Topological Effects
  • Torn & Restored Card
  • Transformation
  • Transformation - special (card - object)
  • Transposition
  • Traveling
  • Turnover & Reverse
  • Vanish


List of card magic related themes contained in the Potter Index :