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| series          =
| series          =
| preceded_by    = [[Tricks Any Boy Can Do]]
| preceded_by    = [[Tricks Any Boy Can Do]]
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| followed_by    = [[Fun with Magic]]
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| gbooks          = <!-- google books ID -->

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Card Tricks Anyone Can Do
AuthorJoseph Leeming
PublisherD. Appleton-Century Co.
Publication Date1938
Preceded byTricks Any Boy Can Do
Followed byFun with Magic

Card Tricks Anyone Can Do is the fifth of 10 magic books by Joseph Leeming. The 255-page book, reviewed in The Sphinx, April 10, 1941, p. 117, includes nine sections:

  1. Card Sleights
  2. Methods of Locating a Chosen Card
  3. Methods of Revealing a Chosen Card or Cards
  4. Tricks that Do Not Require Sleight of Hand
  5. Tricks that Require a Slight Degree of Skill
  6. Tricks Requiring Special Cards of Simple Preparation
  7. Tricks Done with a Prearranged Pack
  8. Tricks with the Four Aces
  9. Tricks Requiring Advanced Sleight of Hand
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