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No. 1
First issueFebruary 1957
Final issueAugust 1958
Total issues13

The Cardiste: "Dedicated to the Art of Cardistry" was a Magic Periodical for card magicians by Rusduck that ran from February 1957 until August 1958 for a total of 11 issues.

Contributors included Alex Elmsley, Bill Miesel, Marlo, Milt Kort and Max Katz.

The 12th issue was published posthumously and a 13th issue was later published by Gene Shelley.

Before Rusduck passed away he made up one copy of issue No. 12 which was eventually sent to Milt Kort. Kort passed it to P. Howard Lyons to publish within Ibidem #20, May 1960.

Issue Number 1

  • To a Memory by Rusduck
  • Strictly Straight by Rusduck
  • Rusduck Bridge by Rusduck
  • Forever Royal - And Yet Again by Rusduck
  • Rusduck "Stay-Stack" System by Rusduck

Issue Number 2

  • Zensational by Rusduck
  • Hocus Poker by Charles M. Hudson
  • Nudeck Speller by Rusduck
  • "Sneaky Pete" Repeat by Rusduck
  • An Oddity by Ron Edwards
  • S-T-R-A-I-G-H-T by Rusduck
  • Faro Favorites: Anyone for Bridge? by Gerald Kosky

Issue Number 3

  • Rusduck Four-Way Deal by Rusduck
  • The Lost Ace by William Miesel
  • Sorcerer's Seven by Charles M. Hudson
  • Sermonette! by Rusduck
  • Faro Fantasies by Rusduck

Issue Number 4

  • Poker Poser by Rusduck
  • Study in Stud by Rusduck
  • Suicide Build by Tom Ransom
  • Sorcerer's Sevens II by Charles M. Hudson
  • Snibbets by Rusduck
  • Bottom Run Up by Rusduck
  • Flip Deck by Rusduck
  • Faro Favorites: Perpetual Separation by Rusduck

Issue Number 5

  • M.K. Telephone Code System by Max Katz
  • Straight Cheating by William Miesel
  • Sorcerer's Sevens III Charles M. Hudson
  • Color Separation by Rusduck
  • Fantabulous by Rusduck
  • Faro Favorites by Alex Elmsley
  • Aces Up by Alex Elmsley

Issue Number 6

  • Las Vegas Deck by Rusduck
  • Stud Students Stumped by Rusduck
  • The Coconut Poker Deal by Ron Edwards
  • Another Impromptu OOTW by William Miesel
  • Full Deck Speller by Rusduck
  • Revolving Poker by Rusduck
  • Major-Minor Do-as-I-do by Charles M. Hudson
  • Arab Roto-Pack by Alex Elmsley
  • Ambitious 52 by Rusduck
  • Winner's Weave by Rusduck

Issue Number 7

  • Koldex Deluxe by Rusduck
  • Tele-Mental by Rusduck
  • Rusduck Riffle by Rusduck
  • Rusduck Roulette by Rusduck
  • Zig Zag by Rusduck

Issue Number 8

  • Gambling Expose by Milton Kort
  • Second & Middle Deal by William Miesel
  • Scrambled Straights by Rusduck
  • From the Middle by Rusduck
  • Utilitarian by Rusduck
  • Tri-Quad by Rusduck

Issue Number 9

  • Alphomega by Rusduck
  • Rusduck Run-Up by Rusduck
  • Encore! by Rusduck
  • Lie Detector in Person by Bob Ecklund (Hardell)
  • The Triple Sin by John V. Hope

Issue Number 10

  • Outer Space by Rusduck
  • Automento by Rusduck
  • Another Spirit Slate by William Miesel
  • Vacation Time by William Miesel
  • Vernonesque by Dai Vernon
  • Perma-Stack by Rusduck
  • Kwik Key Kard by Rusduck

Issue Number 11

  • Poker Run-Up System by Gerald Kosky
  • Royal Aces by Stephen Herald
  • Hardell's Three Card Monte by Bob Ecklund (Hardell)
  • Edwardian Aces by Ron Edwards
  • J.G.R. Mental Force by Graham Reed
  • Mexicali Move by William Miesel

Issue Number 12

  • Poko-Combo by Rusduck
  • Temperamental Aces by Stephen Herald
  • Alaska by Rusduck
  • Enigmatic Enclosure by Bob Ecklund (Hardell)
  • A Case for Mentalists by Ed Mellon
  • 1-2-3-4 by John Howie
  • Stay Stack Miracle by Ed Marlo

Issue Number 13