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(Books on the History of Magic)
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== Books on the History of Magic ==
== Books on the History of Magic ==
* The [[Lives of the Conjurors]] by Thomas Frost (1876).  
* [[The Lives of the Conjurors]] by [[Thomas Frost]] (1876).  
* The Annals of Conjuring  by W. Clarke (1929)
* [[The Annals of Conjuring]] by [[Sydney W. Clarke]] (1929)
* Panorama of Magic by Milbourne Christopher(1962)  
* [[Panorama of Magic]] by [[Milbourne Christopher]](1962)  
* The Illustrated History of Magic by Milbourne Christopher (1973)
* [[The Illustrated History of Magic]] by [[Milbourne Christopher]] (1973)
* The Great Illusionists by Edwin Dawes (1979)
* [[The Great Illusionists]] by [[Edwin Dawes]] (1979)
==See Also==
==See Also==

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The history of magic and magicians is one of the most important aspects of our art. By studying the magicians, the tricks and illusions they performed, and their theatrical experiences, current and future magicians can benefit from the expertise and brilliance of those who've come before us.

Books on the History of Magic

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