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Chefalo Knot

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Chefalo Knot, is a vanishing knot credited and named after Chefalo.
Magic World, (7), 107

The knot was shown to him when he was a boy by a sailor. He used it as an impromptu item in his non-professional repertoire.

Quadruple Vanishing Knot was first published by Stanyon in his "New Handkerchief Tricks" (first series) under date 1900. And again under by Ellis Stanyon in Magic World in 1913.[1]

As explained in the original edition of "Knots, Ties and Splices" (J. T. Burgess), published by G. Routledge & Sons, the actual knot was known as the " Staffordshire Knot " (using rope).

Chefelo performed the trick for Stanyon when compiling " Exclusive Magical Secrets" (1912) in all innocence of the fact of its previous publication. Hence Chefalo's innocent association with the then new and exclusive secret. In a personal interview with Chefalo, he informed Stanyon that he does not claim the knot trick as it was shown to him when quite a boy by an old sailor.


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