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Chemical Amusement

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Chemical Amusement
AuthorFredrick Accum
Publication Date1817
Chemical Amusement, a Series of Curious and Instructive Experiments in Chemistry Which Are Easily Performed and Unattended by Danger by Fredrick Accum was published in 1817.

It is a descriptive catalog of chemical apparatus and instruments manufactured and sold by Fredrick Accum.[1]

Tom Ransom points out in Magicol No. 174 (February 2010) that the authors statements in the book that the experiments "..are easily performed, and unattended by danger is not all true!

Ransom also boasts a book by Accum preceding Toole Stott's first entry for this book by six years with a cover title "Chemical Amusement: Comprising a Series of Interesting and Striking Chemical Experiments".[2]


  • London 1817
  • Second edition 1817
  • Third edition 1818
  • fourth reprint 1819
  • German Chemische Unterhaltungen: eine Sammlung merkwürdiger und lehrreicher Erzeugnisse der Erfahrungschemie, Kopenhagen 1819, entitled Chemische Belustigungen Nürnberg 1824.
  • Second American edition based on the third English edition with additions by Thomas Cooper, Philadelphia 1818.
  • French translation by J. Riffault into Manuel de chimie amusante; ou nouvelles récréations chimiques, contenant une suite d’expériences d’une exécution facile et sans danger, ainsi qu’un grand nombre de faits curieux et instructifs", 1827, Second edition 1829[68] later reprinted by A. D. Vergnaud, final and sixth reprinting Paris 1854.
  • Ttwo volume Italian translation Divertimento chimico contenente esperienze curiose, Milan 1820, second expanded edition by Pozzi La Chimica dilettevole o serie di sperienze curiose e instruttive di chimica chi si esequiscono con facilità e sicurezza, Milan 1854. [3]


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