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Christopher Clayton Hutton

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Christopher Clayton Hutton
BornChristopher William Clayton Hutton

Christopher Clayton Hutton (1893-1965) was a British magic buff and journalist that developed escape-and-evasion gadgets for MI9 during World War II.


Hutton was a forceful character who worked to overcome bureaucratic obstacles when he had an idea. His disregard for regulations sometimes got him into trouble, but he was responsible for a variety of escape aids including uniforms that could be converted easily to look like civilian dress and powerful torches concealed inside bicycle pumps. He regarded a map as one of the most important accessory for anyone needing to escape and made maps printed on silk and miniature compasses amongst his first projects.

As early as 1940, Clayton Hutton had begun making special silk maps which bomber crews could carry inside their protective clothing.

Some of his other escape aids included:

  • Button-compasses
  • Collar-stud compasses
  • Tooth-frame compass
  • Magnetized pencil clip
  • Compasses concealed in shaving brush,spool of thread and dice
  • Compass and map in razor
  • Compass and map in pencil
  • Cigarette-holder telescope
  • Saws in lead pencils
  • Compass and watch in stopper
  • 'Gigli' saw in flying-boot laces
  • Secret compartment in heel of boot
  • Compass in pencil-stub
  • Maps in deck of playing cards
  • Maps in games box
  • Reversible uniform
  • Pocket-gun with dart


  • "Official Secret: The Remarkable Story of Escape Aids - Their Invention, Production" (1960).


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