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Claude Alexander Conlin

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Claude Alexander Conlin
BornClaude Alexander Conlin
Ashes were cast over the waters near Rialto Beach, Washington
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Alexander (1880-1954), born Claude Alexander Conlin in Alexandria, South Dakota, was a stage magician, who billed himself as "The Man Who Knows". He specialized in Mentalism and psychic reading acts, dressed in Oriental style robes and a feathered turban, and often used a crystal ball as a prop.


Conlin's earliest stage name, during his marriage and stage partnership with his first wife, Della Martell, was Astro. Reviews of the time describe him performing an act modelled somewhat on the performaces of Anna Eva Fay. After his separation from Della, and during his marriage and partnership will Lillian Barlett, whose stage name was Lilliam Marion, he billed himself as "Alexander." In addition to Lillian Marion, the troupe also featured Marguerite and Marie Johnson, a pair of classically trained dancers who performed as The Nartell Twins.

In addition to performing, Conlin also worked privately for clients, giving readings. He was the author of several pitch books and New Thought pamphlets, as well as texts for stage performers. As an author he wrote under the name "C. Alexander."

Alexander and Lillian had two children. They retired from touring in 1927, when he was 47. He devoted much of his subsequent life to hunting and fishing, and to the management of The Crystal Silence League, an outlet for his spiritually-oriented self-help books.


  • Alexander's Book of Mystery (several variant editions 1918, 1919, 1921)
  • Alexander's Book of Exhaustive Astrological Readings (1919)
  • Personal Lessons, Codes, and Instructions for Members of the Crystal Silence League, C. Alexander Publishing Co. n.d. (c. 1919)
  • Crystal Gazing n.d. (c. 1921; revised edition 1923)
  • The Life and Mysteries of The Celebrated Dr. Q. by Alexander (1921)
  • The Inner Secrets of Psychology, 5 Volumes, 1924
  • Secrets of the Crystal Silence League (2019; edited reprint combining "Personal Lessons, Codes, and Instructions" and "Crystal Gazing")


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