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Club Deceptions

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Club Deceptions
AuthorE. G. Ervin
EditorRalph W. Read
PublisherKanter's Magic Shop
Publication Date1947

Close-up pocket tricks and impromptu effects for the Parlor, Bar, Club, etc.


Edited and with an Introduction by Ralph W. Read

Revised edition

--Combining the four booklets, Series 1, 2, 3, and 4, originally published separately by the author.


  • Cut and Restored Bill
  • Dollar Bill Through Handkerchief
  • Bill and Lemon
  • Impromptu Bill Reading Test
  • "Flash" Bill and Lemon
  • Dollar Bill and Potato
  • Flash Bill Production
  • What the Hell?
  • Wand and Bill Production
  • Repeating Vanishing Bills
  • The Impossible Coin Fold
  • Half Past Two
  • A Goldfish Production
  • One Hand Cigarette Vanish
  • The Eternal Phantom Cigarette
  • What, No Thumb Tips?
  • Hand to Hand Tobacco Acquitment
  • With a Lighted Match
  • The Adhesive Tape Thumb Tie
  • Vanishing Glass of Water
  • Diminutive Wine and Water
  • Silk and Handkerchief Penetration
  • The Stretching Handkerchief
  • J'ever See This One?
  • The Broken Egg in Borrowed Handkerchief
  • Quicker than the Eye
  • Quick Needle Trick
  • The Threaded Needles
  • Old? Never
  • Ball Penetration
  • The Hypnotized Chair
  • Miniature Rod and Rings
  • Selected Card in Roll or Bun
  • The Knotted Circle
  • A Deceptive Wrist Tie
  • A Deceptive Nail Writer Routine
  • Impromptu Telepathy
  • Reading the Time on a Watch
  • Removing a Shirt
  • Torn and Restored Tissue
  • A Rabbit "Color Change" and Suggested Production
  • A Flashy Encore


  • Here's How—Again
  • Pintrix
  • With a Rolled Silk
  • What, No Pipes?
  • Flighty Silk
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