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Cogitations: The Online Journal of Card Magic was a membership website/ezine created and published by Steven Youell in 2005.

According to the original advertising:

Cogitations will publish some of the most useful, intelligent and sometimes controversial information you'll ever read in the micro-society known as "Card Magic." Each week you'll be treated to a new article from one of the top Cardmen in the world. Every article, every effect will be archived so everything you read will always be at your fingertips.[1]

The website went live on January 1, 2005, although the publishing schedule became irregular from the second week. After teasing the possibility of a second six-month run (Cogitations II), the website was suddenly taken offline in mid-August. This caused a bit of controversy, as some members were under the impression that their subscriptions entitled them to lifetime access, probably due to the above advertising copy. (At the bottom of the page showing the advertisement, it said "At a subscription rate of $20.00 for six months, it'll be the smartest money you'll ever spend for Card Magic!") In response, Youell posted all of the content, along with three bonus articles, for free on the web from the beginning of September through October 4.


  • 12-31-2004: (Available upon launch)
    • Super Sonic (Andi Gladwin)
    • The Cardini Multiple Shift (with video clip) (Steven Youell)
    • Passes for the Masses (Steven Youell)
  • 1-5-2005: Punken Droker (Paul Cummins)
  • 1-14-2005: Force Of Habit (Steven Youell)
  • 1-28-2005:
    • Jog Control Finesse (with video clip) (Andrew Wimhurst)
    • DPS Fan Control (with video clip) (Andrew Wimhurst)
  • 2-19-2005:
    • The Invisible Aces (with video clip) (Mike Powers)
    • Blowing Away the Aces (Mike Powers)
  • 2-27-2005: Second Dealing (with video clip) (Andru Luvisi)
  • 3-6-2005: Signature Effects and Reputation Makers (Steven Youell)
  • 3-12-2005: Next-Book Syndrome (Darwin Ortiz)
  • 3-18-2005: The Braue Notebooks (Steven Youell)
  • 3-28-2005: Reducing Finger Flash While Bottom Dealing (with video clip) (Andru Luvisi)
  • 4-4-2005: Is This a Good Trick?(Ron Bauer)
  • 4-12-2005: The Trick Deck (Steven Youell)
  • 4-25-2005: Is This a Good Trick Part 2 (Ron Bauer)
  • 4-30-2005: Lazy Man's "Counting On It"(Jon Racherbaumer)
  • 5-3-2005: Eyes in My Fingers(Bob Farmer)
  • 5-15-2005: Hofzinser's Only Theorem (Steven Youell)
  • 5-17-2005: Colorful Magic (Ron Bauer)
  • 5-26-2005: T.T.T. (Two-card Turnover Technique) (with illustrations) (Ron Bauer)
  • 6-18-2005: Is This a Good Trick Part 3 (with illustrations) (Ron Bauer)
  • 6-26-2005: Refigured Prefigured Figuration (with photos and video by Steven Youell) (J. C. Wagner)
    • Hindu Shuffle Technique (video clip) (Steven Youell)
  • 9-4-2005: (Free Bonus Articles)
    • Paul Chosse's First Mentor (Paul Chosse)
    • On the J. M. Card Rise (Paul Chosse)
    • The House of Magic (Paul Chosse)