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AuthorRichard Kaufman
PublisherKaufman and Greenberg
IllustratorRichard Kaufman
Publication Date1981

CoinMagic contains the first substantial work of David Roth and was one of the first major books on coin magic to be released after J.B. Bobo's Modern Coin Magic. Other contributors include Sol Stone, Geoffrey Latta, Edward Marlo, Slydini, Wesley James, Tom Gagnon, Herb Zarrow, Ken Krenzel, Derek Dingle, Danny Korem and John Cornelius.

It was also Kaufman's first book that consisted almost entirely other people material. He wrote the book during his final semester of college at NYU. Kaufman was in an off off off Broadway student presentation of "The Odd Couple" (playing Oscar) during the evening and would work on CoinMagic during the day. Kaufman did the 1000 drawings for the book in five weeks.

In the book "Visual Explanations" by Edward Tufte, there is a chapter titled "Explaining Magic: Pictorial Instructions and Disinformation Design" (co-written by Jamy Ian Swiss) which features two illustrations from CoinMagic as examples.


  • First printing (2,000 copies): The white dustjacket (with black cloth)
  • All subsequent hard cover printings had a burgundy cover (with red cloth)
  • Softcover edition


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