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Coin and Money Magic

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Coin and Money Magic
AuthorEddie Joseph
PublisherAbbott Magic & Novelty Co.
Publication Date1942
SubjectMoney Magic

"I dedicate This Book to My Unassuming Friend, "Mino," The Mystic (Mino Nowroji Cooper) Fifty Years a Magician and Still Going Strong."


Part One

Thirty New Ways of Vanishing a Coin

  • The Wrist Vanish
  • The Hurdle Vanish
  • The Pulsation Vanish
  • The Backer Vanish
  • One-Hand Vanish
  • The Tip-of-Nose Vanish
  • Down Below Vanish
  • The Cuff Throw Vanish
  • The Strop Vanish
  • The Sweat Band Vanish
  • The Envelope Vanish
  • The Cone Vanish
  • THe Kick Vanish
  • The Toss Vanish
  • The Spin Vanish
  • The Tip Vanish
  • The Throw Vanish
  • The Paper Bag Vanish
  • The Cross Leg Vanish
  • The Wack Vanish
  • The Pencil Vanish
  • The Container Vanish
  • The Salt Mound Vanish
  • The Elbow Grease Vanish
  • The Coat Vanish
  • The Garter Vanish
  • The Coverage Vanish
  • The Heel Vanish
  • The Four-Corner Vanish
  • The E. J. Coin Fold

Part Two


  • Joseph's Slow Motion Invisible Change
  • Joseph's Slow Motion Visible Change
  • The Swing Exchange
  • The Drop Exchange
  • The Slide Exchange
  • The Cover Exchange
  • The Pencil Exchange
  • The Penetration Change
  • The Deliberate Exchange
  • The Front-Palm Exchange
  • The Band Exchange
  • The Friction Exchange

Part Three

New Moves, Tips and Gimmicks

  • The Balance Pass
  • The Clip Pass
  • Natural Coin Clip
  • Producing Coins Singly from Palm
  • Producing Coins Singly from Finger Palm
  • Waxing and De-Waxing a Coin
  • The Flat-Palm Pass
  • The Cotton Rail
  • The Coin on the Wall
  • The Ring Hold-Out
  • The Getaway
  • Palming Aide
  • The Stack Transfer
  • The Looped Coin
  • The Hold-Back
  • The Wrist Turnover
  • An idea for Quantity Production
  • A Dose for the Smart Guy
  • A Smart Move
  • The Tie Hold-Out
  • A Real Fooler for Magicians
  • The Hair Gimmick
  • Something Worth Knowing
  • The Sleeve Holder
  • The Coat Holder
  • The Lapel Holder
  • The Coin Pick-Up
  • The Double Revelation
  • To Make Any Coin Appear Double-Headed
  • To make Coin Turn Over in Closed Hand
  • An Idea for the Front- and Back-Palm
  • The Single Steal
  • The Passing Steal
  • The Kick
  • One in Many

Part Four

Combination Moves of Coins with Matches

  • The Super-Subtle Secret Introduction
  • The Super-Subtle Secret Extraction
  • The Secret Pick-Up
  • The Coin Lurk
  • Under Cover
  • The Roofer
  • The Slide Concealment
  • Rattling an Empty Bos
  • The Basement Steal
  • The One-Way Rattle

Part Five

A Secret and Its Possibilities

  • The Scotch Coin
  • In the Office
  • In a Hotel Lobby
  • At a Convention

Part Six

Date Magiology

  • Date Detection
  • Dating the Coin
  • The Date Mystery
  • The Masked Helper
  • The Missing Date
  • Mental Delineation

Part Seven

Close-Up Tricks

  • The Wacker
  • The Monocle Mystery
  • The Repeat Coin Trick
  • The Sleeve Bogey
  • Shoulder Arms
  • The Big Bite
  • The Double Bite
  • Unfair Exchange
  • The Twister
  • The Scotchman and the Jew
  • The Coin Toss, First Method
  • The Coin Toss, Second Method
  • The Coin Toss, Third Method
  • The Coin Toss, Fourth Method
  • The Coin Toss, Fifth Method
  • The Coin Toss Sixth Method
  • Matching the Coin
  • Perfect Timing
  • The Money Changer
  • The Street of Colon is Paved with Gold
  • Money is Made to Go
  • The Colorful Transformation
  • Sensitive Fingers
  • Hold On, Brother
  • The Magnetic Coin
  • The Eccentric Coin
  • The Vicious Triangle
  • The Coins Assembly
  • Right First Time
  • How the Devil Does He Do It?
  • Curing a Bad Habit
  • Good Shootin'
  • My Hat!
  • Money Sense
  • The Stolen Money
  • The Coin in the Cookie
  • Par Avion
  • The Purse Swindle
  • The Coin and the Orange

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