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Coin balloon-acy

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Coin Balloon-acy is a product invented and produced by Magic Ian aka Ian Sutz. Created in 1978 and marketed in a booklet called Best Dam Tricks (copyright library of congress 1980), and as a separate effect packaged with 6 clear balloons. It was distributed by Show Biz services, D. Robbins, and Tannen's Magic.

The effect: A clear #11 balloon is blown up and tied off. A marked, borrowed coin is then placed against the side of the balloon and visibly penetrates the balloon. The coin swirls around and comes to rest inside the base of the balloon. The balloon is then popped and the coin falls to the table or floor where the spectator picks it up to verify the date and observe that the mark on the coin is theirs.

The effect received a four star review from Ed Mishell on behalf of Genii 1979 January magazine. The actual name was by Ed Mishell upon seeing this effect at a Bob Little one-day Funday in Hatboro, PA.

In 1983, this item was advertised in Tannen's Topics, featured in Tannen's catalog for 5 years, and also in the Tannen's ads within Genii magazine.

Inventors comment: This effect is a hybrid effect combining two known methods of coin handling with an easy coin sleight and lots of misdirection.