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Conference on Magic History

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Los Angeles Conference on Magic History is a biennial invitation-only conference organized and hosted by Ricky Jay, Mike Caveney, John Gaughan and Jim Steinmeyer. The purpose of the conference is to showcase historical magic.


  1. 1989 - 02/04 November: De Kolta's Expanding Die, Automata, Thayer magic.
  2. 1991 - 07/09 November: Rene Lavand, The Charles Carter Show.
  3. 1993 - Hooker Card Rise, Sawing a Woman in Halves.
  4. 1995 - 09/11 November: Tribute to Robert Lund, The Blue Room.
  5. 1997 - Will, the Witch and the Watch, the Chess Automaton.
  6. 1999 - 11/13 November: The Mascot Moth, the Automaton Clarinet Player. Genii 2000 January
  7. 2001 - Guy Jarrett’s creations, The Million Dollar Mystery, The Great Fasola.
  8. 2003 - 06/08 November: Tanagra, Lesley Hazlitt (Piddington), Devant’s Chocolate Soldier from St. George's Hall and Morritt’s famous Oh! illusion from Egyptian Hall. Brindamour, “The Original Jail Breaker and Handcuff King”
  9. 2005 - The Wrestling Cheese, Professor Thomas Tobin’s Palingenesia, Del Adelphia, and Kellar’s Psycho.
  10. 2007 - Hooker Rising Cards.
  11. 2009 - Robert-Houdin's Orange Tree, David Devant's Beau Brocade, Charles Morritt's Goodbye Winter and Pierre-Jacques de Loutherbourg's Eidophusikon.