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The Gen (c. 1946)

Copenetro (or Visible Coins in Glass) is a marketed trick where coins are made to vanish, and then reappear inside a shot glass, covered with an upside-down larger glass, on a display stand.

A version was invented and circulated privately among magicians around 1937, by British magician Jack Hughes, as "Coins in Glass".

After a version by Bob Kline was marketed in the United States in 1947 as "Copenetro",[1] Hughes would release three different versions of his original routine in England, including "Visible Coins in Glass".[2]

Kline's version won both a Linking Ring Merit Award, and a Genii Award in 1947.[3]


  • "The Coin of Mercury", in Modern Coin Manipulation (1900), page 144 - see figures 85-88, uses a book as platform for the glass and cover.
  • "Coin shooter", by H. J. Burlingame, Sphinx (January 1927), uses a book instead of a wood base.
  • "Routines and Tips on the Prize Winning COPENETRO", by Bob Kline, 1975.


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