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Darwin Ortiz at the Card Table

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Darwin Ortiz at the Card Table
Ortiz at the card table.jpg
AuthorDarwin Ortiz
EditorMatthew Field, Mark Phillips, Richard Kauman
PublisherKaufman and Greenberg
Publication Date1988


Table of Contents

  • Pinky Count
  • One-Handed Tilt Setup


  • Jacks Open
    • Braue Secret Addition Handling
  • Jackpot
  • Jacks or Better
  • In One Deal
    • Ed Marlo's Unit Control (For Dealing Thirds)
  • Mexican Poker
  • Darwin's Three-Card Monte
    • The Monte Throw
  • The Estimation Routine
    • Hindu Shuffle Glimpse
  • Grand Slam
  • The Vegas Shuffle
    • Laurie Ireland's Red/Black Shuffle
    • The Zarrow Shuffle
    • Ed Marlo's Key Move
  • Fast Shuffle
    • Four-Shuffle Riffle Stacking
    • Two-Shuffle Riffle Stacking
    • Gambler's Double Deal
  • The Twofer Shuffle
  • Greek Poker
    • Strip-Out Shuffle with Block Transfer
  • The Ultimate Card Shark
    • The Benzais Cut
    • Up-The-Ladder Variation
    • Zarrow Shuffle Riffle Stacking


  • The Dream Card
    • Erdnase Top Palm
  • Hitchcock Aces
  • Nine-Card Location
    • Riffle Force
    • Roger Klause's Multiple Control
    • Skinner/Fechter Spring Card Revelation
    • Neal Elias' Cutting Discovery
    • K.M. Move
    • Cyprian/Ortiz Revelation
    • Ortiz Pop-Out Cut
    • Eddie Fechter's Hindu Revelation
    • Marlo/D'Amico Toss-In Location
  • Regal Aces
    • The Cover Pass
    • Slip Cut in the Hands
    • J.K. Hartman's Catch Switch
    • Larry Jennings' Multiple Lift Sequence
    • Ken Krenzel's Pressure Hide-Out
    • Ortiz Packet Palm
    • R. Gordon Bruce's Pocket Load
  • Slick Aces
  • Deja Vu Jokers
  • Modern Jazz Aces
    • Ed Marlo's Olram Subtlety Improved
    • The Lucky Deck
    • Darwin's Wild Card
    • Ed Marlo's Glide Variation
    • Ken Krenzel's Drag Double Lift
    • Side Steal Color Change
  • Darwin's Aces
    • Larry Jennings' Ace Steal
    • J.K. Hartman's ATFUS Variation
  • The Card Warp Deck
  • The Si Stebbins Secret
  • Do As I Did
  • Jumping Gemini
  • Back Off
    • Dai Vernon's Through the Fist Flourish
    • Bernard Bilis' Unloading Move
    • Dai Vernon's Alignment Move (First Handling)
  • Mindbender (John Clark)
  • Ultimate Interchange
    • Dai Vernon's Two-Card Pushoff
    • Dai Vernon's Alignment Move (Second Handling)
    • The Steranko Move
    • Tabled Slip Cut
  • New Tens Routine
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