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* The Linking Ring, Vol. 78, No. 6, June 1998, Our Cover DAVID "Le Grand David" Bull, page 55  
* The Linking Ring, Vol. 78, No. 6, June 1998, Our Cover DAVID "Le Grand David" Bull, page 55  

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BornDavid Merrifield Bull
May 25, 1954
Greenwich, Connecticut

David Bull (Le Grand David) began as an apprentice to Marco the Magi (Cesareo Pelaez) in the early 1970s and performed with Le Grand David and His Spectacular Magic Company.

Young David Bull met Cesareo Pelaez through his brother Webster Bull. One evening, Cesareo had been invited for dinner at the home of the Bull's and as the two became acquainted a friendship was formed. Cesareo would act as tutor and mentor in all things magical for David. A few years later when they all took on the venture of creating a theatrical magic show of their own, Cesareo even gave David the headline billing as LE GRAND DAVID. Their show which began at the Cabot St. Cinema in Beverly Mass, was officially called 'Marco the Magic presents Le Grand David and His Own Spectacular Magic Company'. It opened on Feb 20, 1977. In the mid 1980s, the company purchased a second theatre, also in Beverly, called the Larcom Theatre. They created a second completely different show for the Larcom. The original name for that show was 'Le Grand David in Concert'.

David Bull may be one of the most underrated magicians of the 20th Century. He is easily one of the best manipulators in the U.S.. His skill with Billiard Ball Manipulation is incredible. His presentation of the Zombie Ball ranks as one of the best ever presented. In the Larcom Theatre show he presents Coin Manipulations and also does Dove Productions. His magic is unique in that he rarely speaks. He presents apparatus magic and illusion magic with just as much ease as he does his manipulations.

The Le Grand David show closed in the Spring of 2012, but there are a rumors that it may yet return in a new incarnation.

According to magic historian Stuart Cramer, "Le Grand David is an extraordinarily skillful magician and showman. He adds youth, verve, and graceful motion to a show filled with color and action. David’s manipulation of the Zombie is the best I have ever even the immortal Neil Foster’s."[1]


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