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Dr. Faust

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Dr. Faust
BornDavid Edwin Hoy
July 21, 1930
Evansville, Indiana
DiedApril 02, 1981 (age 50)
Paducah, Kentucky

Dr. Faust (1930-1981), born David Edwin Hoy, was an ordained minister who started out using magic to illustrate concepts in the bible.


After leaving the ministry he moved on to performing mentalism as Dr. Faust. He invented many clever and original mental effects, many using very bold tactics (like tossing a force deck out to the audience to peek at a card).

Later in life, he represent himself as a genuine psychic, relying on institutions and perceptions. He claimed to use extrasensory perceptions to help him locate everything from lost rings to runaway children. He also made predictions for a weekly column that appeared in 340 newspapers.[1][2][3][4][5][6]




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